Eye Rubbing

May 15, 2023
How Bad is Eye Rubbing For You?

Eye Rubbing


Have you ever found yourself caught in the irresistible urge to rub your eyes? Don’t get me wrong. It feels REALLY good to rub your eyes, but eye rubbing can lead to these major eye issues. 

#1 Corneal abrasions - Ouch! These are like tiny scratches on the surface of your cornea, and they can cause a whole lot of pain, redness, and even vision problems. 

#2 Corneal Ulcers - Yuck!  Rubbing your eyes with dirty hands is like inviting trouble right in. Think about all the bacteria and viruses that could be lurking on your hands. When you rub your eyes, you're giving those little troublemakers a direct entry ticket. This can lead to permanent scars 

#3 Keratoconus - Yes. Rubbing your eyes can warp your eyeballs leading to permanent blurred vision. Sometimes contact lenses can correct your vision, but if your keratoconus is bad enough, you actually might need a corneal transplant. 

#4 Droopy Eyelids and Wrinkles - If you are superficial like you, eye rubbing is going to ruin your day. When you rub your eyes forcefully, it can strain the delicate muscles and tissues that support the eyelids. This can make you look 10 years older. 

#5 Worsening Irritating - Yes. Rubbing your eyes may have felt good, but odds are you didn’t help your irritation. Start with the basics. Use artificial tears a few times a day. You’ll thank me for this. 

And if you have any of those complications, don’t say a doctor didn’t warn you.