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Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery services offered in Suwanee, GA

Laser eye surgery is a convenient and effective treatment to improve your vision while reducing your reliance on eyeglasses and contact lenses. At Stratus Eye in Suwanee, Georgia, board-certified ophthalmologist Jeffrey Tran, MD, performs multiple types of laser eye surgery for refractive disorders, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, as well as for glaucoma and cataracts. Call the ophthalmology clinic today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about laser eye surgeries.

Laser Eye Surgery Q & A

What is laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a group of procedures that use energy-based devices to treat eye disorders. Compared to traditional surgery, laser procedures often offer more predictable results with fewer complications, such as less pain, extensive downtime, and risk of infection. 

Dr. Tran is an expert ophthalmologist with deep experience performing all types of laser eye surgery. Whether you have a refractive eye disorder, like astigmatism, or a more complex condition like glaucoma or cataracts, laser eye surgery can help protect and restore your clear vision.

What can laser eye surgery treat?

Dr. Tran uses laser eye surgery to address several eye disorders, such as:


Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a refractive disorder that makes it difficult to see objects from a distance, though you can see up-close clearly.


The opposite of myopia, hyperopia is farsightedness. While you can see clearly at a distance, objects up-close may appear blurry.


Astigmatism is a disorder in which the natural curvature of the eye is uneven. The lens or the cornea can curve in different directions, leading to blurry vision.


Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that damages the optic nerve, which sends information to the brain, allowing it to perceive images. 


A cataract is a cloudy or foggy lens. The lens in your eye should always be clear to properly direct light into the retina, which will send visual information through the optic nerve to the brain.

What can I expect from laser eye surgery?

Dr. Tran performs multiple types of laser eye surgery at his office, including:

Glaucoma laser eye surgery

When you arrive at the office, Dr. Tran places numbing eyedrops in your eyes. Next, he beams a laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) device through a lens into your eye to encourage the drainage of fluids. This process helps relieve pressure on your optic nerve.

YAG capsulotomy

YAG capsulotomy treats a complication from cataract surgery called posterior capsule opacification (PCO). PCO causes scar tissue to develop behind the lens after cataract surgery. To break up this tissue, Dr. Tran uses a special laser, improving your vision and reducing unwanted side effects of cataract surgery.

Dr. Tran is passionate about educating his patients at Stratus Eye. He has multiple videos on his website that demonstrate these laser eye procedures to help patients better understand the process.

Call Stratus Eye today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about laser eye surgery.