Stop Viral Conjunctivitis

Jan 04, 2023
Credit: Cleveland Clinic
3 Easy Tips to Stop The Spread of Viral Conjunctivitis

Here at Stratus Eye, we have noticed a slight increase in the amount of patients with viral conjunctivitis.

There are several causes of red eyes, but if you have viral conjunctivitis, there are a couple of key things to do to stop the spread.

First and foremost, handwashing is key. You can spread it from one eye to the other, so be very aggressive with handwashing. 

Second, clean commonly used surface areas. That means doorknobs, cell phones, keyboards, iPads! If you touch the doorknob after rubbing your eye, and your family member next touches the door knob, guess what? They probably have viral conjunctivitis

Third, give it time. Viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious and does NOT improve with antibiotics. Unless you get rid of contaminated things, you can keep infected yourself. That means contact cases, solutions, etc need to be tossed.

I hope that was helpful! We will see you next time.